MDAC Asks UK House of Lords to Amend Legal Capacity Law

MDAC Asks UK House of Lords to Amend Legal Capacity Law

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MDAC has today (4 September 2013, London and Budapest) made a submission to the UK House of Lords which is in the process of scrutinising the Mental Capacity Act (MCA). This legislation, which applies to England and Wales, regulates the way in which people with disabilities can make decisions in their lives when they have been ‘deemed to lack capacity’ by the courts.

Jenni Richards QC and Victoria Butler-Cole, barristers at 39 Essex Street, London, acted pro bono for MDAC for this submission. The submission addresses the question asked by the House of Lords committee whether the MCA is compliant with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), and whether there are there lessons that can be learnt from the CRPD for the successful implementation of the MCA.

MDAC’s full submission can be downloaded here.

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