Matthias Kelly QC instructed in ‘Goddard Inquiry’

Matthias Kelly QC instructed in ‘Goddard Inquiry’

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Matthias Kelly QC has been instructed by Giles Ward, of Milners Solicitors, Leeds to represent Ampleforth Abbey and School in the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA).

The Inquiry was established in March 2015 by Teresa May, then Home Secretary. Dame Lowell Goddard was appointed Chair of the Inquiry in April 2015. This section of the inquiry is a part of the Inquiry into abuse in the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales. Other sections concern Westminster, Lord Janner, Rochdale Council, Lambeth Council, the Anglican Church, custodial institutions, residential Schools, the protection of children outside the UK, as well as investigations into the role of organized networks and the role of the internet.

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