Jonathan Auburn successfully defended a top London independent school

Jonathan Auburn successfully defended a top London independent school


Jonathan Auburn successfully defended a top London independent school, in a case widely publicised in the national press, in a claim by parents following the school’s request that the parents withdraw their children, this request coming because of the behaviour of the parents.

The school claimed the parents acted in a wholly inappropriate fashion, making a large number of complaints about minor and sometimes trivial matters and acting in an aggressive and intimidating manner to teachers. The school eventually told the parents that the relationship had broken down due to their behaviour.

The parents were later denied a place at another school when that second school learnt of the parent’s behaviour at the previous school. This led to the parents bringing a claim against the first school, alleging that the school had breached an alleged agreement to provide positive references for their children.

The High Court handed down judgment on 30 July. The Judge described the parents as ‘foolish, overbearing and demanding’ parents who bombarded private school with complaints. The Judge held that the parents had put the school through an ‘enduring nightmare’ with their complaints, and that their behaviour ‘went well beyond the realms of even the most zealous, some might say pushy, parents’, and that the parents ‘viewed everything in a self-centered self-contained artifice as though no-one else but them and their children mattered’. The Court dismissed the parents claim for damages and an injunction.

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