Inspector confirms Rail Crossing Extinguishment (Whitstable, Kent) Order

Inspector confirms Rail Crossing Extinguishment (Whitstable, Kent) Order

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By Order Decision dated 25 January 2021, Inspector Cruickshank (BSc (Hons), MSc, MIPROW) has confirmed the Kent County Council (Public Footpaths CW80 & CWX40, Whitstable) Rail Crossing Extinguishment and Definitive Map and Statement Modification Order. The Inspector considered 168 objections made against the Order and upheld, following an extended public inquiry, the overall case advanced by Network Rail regarding the unacceptable risk posed to public safety by continued pedestrian use of the subject right of way over the railway, taking account of user risk profiling, line sighting and traverse time deficiencies, train activity and speed, optioneering, track signal capacity and mitigations.

Juan Lopez acted for Network Rail Infrastructure Limited in successfully promoting confirmation of the Order.

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