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Civil Law Cast is a regular series on issues of interest and developments in civil law, brought to you by the members of 39 Essex Chambers.

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Civil Law Cast Episode 8: Secondary Victim Claims

This episode of Civil Law Cast takes a deep dive into the Court of Appeal judgments in Paul, Polmear and Pinnear and seeks to explain the history of secondary victim claims, the development of the doctrine and its application to clinical negligence c... Read more  

Civil Law Cast Episode 7: Fatal Accident Act Claims Part 3 – complicated financial dependency claims, wealth creators and section 4 disregard

In the last of this trilogy of episodes, Emily Formby KC and Romilly Cummerson conclude their discussion about Fatal Accident Act claims by considering the more complicated financial dependency claims including where the deceased was a wealth creator... Read more  

Civil Law Cast Episode 6: Fatal Accident Act Part 2 – financial dependency claims; the basics

In this episode Emily Formby QC and Romilly Cummerson continue their discussion about Fatal Accident Act claims by looking at financial dependency claims.  They look at who can make a claim, what a claim for financial dependency might encompass and a... Read more  

Civil Law Cast Episode 5: Fatal Accident Act Claims. Part 1 – Care Claims

Emily Formby QC and Romilly Cummerson discuss damages in fatal accident claims over three episodes of Civil Law Cast.  This first episode focusses particularly on care claims.  There are two updates to make to this episode.  Firstly, the Fatal Accide... Read more  

Civil Law Cast Episode 4: A Conspectus of Loss of Earnings Claims in Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence litigation

In this episode, Ashley Pratt provides a conspectus of loss of earnings claims in personal injury and clinical negligence litigation. It covers past loss of earnings and future loss of earnings claims, which includes global awards, Blamire awards, an... Read more  

Civil Law Cast Episode 3: General damages: an overview

In this episode, Caroline Allen provides a guide to claims for general damages, focussing on claims for pain, suffering and loss of amenity, and Smith v Manchester awards. It covers use of the Judicial College Guidelines and 'Kemp & Kemp Quantum ... Read more  

Civil Law Cast Episode 2: An introduction to care and assistance claims

In this episode, Vaughan Jacob covers: What is the legal basis for care and assistance claims? What types of care regime are recoverable? How a care claim is calculated? What evidence is required? How may a care regime be challenged? Read more  

Civil Law Cast Episode 1: Accommodation Claims and the Recent Decision in Swift v Carpenter

In this episode, Daniel Laking provides an overview of the two main types of accommodation claim: claims for adaption of an existing property and claims for the purchase of a new property. It includes a simple explanation of the recent key decision o... Read more