Significant UK environmental cases article published in the Journal of Environmental Law

Ned Helme, Adam Boukraa, Steph David and Eleanor Leydon have written on the most significant UK environmental law cases between 1 April 2022–31 March 2023 for the Journal of Environmental Law. The article draws out some general themes from the selection of cases, considering the scope of environmental law, connections between private and public law disputes, and the standard of review in the public law context. It then addresses 12 significant cases concerning statutory trusts over land under section 164 of the Public Health Act 1875 and section 10 of the Open Spaces Act 1906, public rights on Dartmoor Commons, private nuisance, climate change, insurance, environmental impact assessment, delay in judicial review, forestry, contaminated land, and habitats before setting out some thoughts on cases for the year ahead.


Members of 39 Essex Chambers have co-authored this article for many years.

You can access the article here (through a paywall):