Lawyers at Home, around the World Roundup

In mid-May, 39 Essex Chambers launched a brand new series called 'At Home, around the World'. In these short videos, a number of different members of Chambers based all over the world came together with a host of different expert jurists, practitioners and commentators for a series of informal conversations. Based in their different locations across Europe, Africa and Asia, these individuals brought their considerable experience and unique insight to bear on various different topics, which ranged from the impact of COVID-19 and the public health restrictions which have followed to a consideration of what the future may look like for the legal profession and the world in general after this crisis abates.

This short article is intended merely as a summary of some of the conversations which have been had: of course, all the episodes are available in full on YouTube and on the 39 Essex webpage 'At Home, Around the World'. These roundups will be published periodically as further episodes are launched and the videos have been uploaded at different times, with the conversations reflecting the situation as it was developing at the time of recording.

You can read James Bradford's full post at our Commercial, Construction & International Arbitration Blog here.