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Episode 5: Interview with Professor Sir Dieter Helm – Energy trilemma, energy security plan and carbon leakage risk

Professor Sir Dieter Helm is a Professor of Economic Policy at the University of Oxford and Fellow in Economics at New College, Oxford. From 2012 to 2020, he was the Independent Chair of the Natural Capital Committee, providing advice to the government on the sustainable use of natural capital. He provides expert advice to UK and European governments, regulators and companies across energy and climate, regulation, utilities and infrastructure. His new book, “Legacy: How to build the sustainable economy,” will be published in November by Cambridge University Press.

In this episode, Professor Helm shares his views with Steph David on the extent to which the energy security plan achieves, what he describes as, the energy trilemma. He argues that there needs to be a clear system plan for energy in the UK and a delivery framework, which should include the incentivisation of finance flows into the necessary infrastructure. Professor Helm also discusses the carbon leakage risk consultation, in particular the carbon border adjustment mechanism, and ways of addressing the territorial focus of carbon emissions. 

Resources:  Professor Sir Dieter Helm’s website