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Episode 29 – Abhinav Bhushan (Chief Executive for Asia & Member, International Arbitrator, 39 Essex Chambers) and Lucy Reed (President, Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC)) ridgeway)

In this episode Abhinav Bhushan (Chief Executive for Asia & Member, International Arbitrator, 39 Essex Chambers) and Lucy Reed (President, Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC)) talk about SIAC’s vision under her Presidency. Among others, Lucy candidly reflects on the importance of case administration, SIAC’s appointment procedure, advice for barristers to start their arbitration career and first appointments. Lucy also talks about SIAC’s growth & institutional competition around the world. Lucy and Abhinav end the discussion on the lighter note addressing Lucy’s take on social media and her favourite food!

Abhinav Bhushan is the Chief Executive of 39 Essex Chambers for Asia. He is also an International Arbitrator, Member at 39 Essex Chamber in Singapore. Previously, he was first Indian Deputy Counsel of the ICC International Court of Arbitration in Paris, France and then the first Indian Director for the ICC Court for South Asia. Abhinav has worked on numerous arbitration cases across a range of industry sectors including energy, infrastructure, commodities, aviation, pharmaceuticals and others.

Lucy Reed is the President of the Court of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) effective 1 October 2021, as well as a member of the SIAC Board. Lucy has served as one of two SIAC Vice-Presidents since 2018, and was the Director of the Centre for International Law and a Professor of Practice at the National University of Singapore after her retirement as head of the Freshfields international arbitration group in 2016. Lucy is also an independent arbitrator with Arbitration Chambers (New York).