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Episode 23 – Steven Lim, Ila Kapoor, Karishma Vora & Raj Panchmatia

Focusing on India, Steven Lim and Karishma Vora speak with Ila Kapoor and Raj Panchmatia about technology, its impact on the way disputes are managed, how it both levels and divides across stratums, and its positive and negative influences on work-life balance. We talk about the practicalities of managing virtual hearings and electronic documents, how virtual working can level the playing field and even open new opportunities for work. We also talk about challenges to wider adoption of technology in India and the need for infrastructure development.

Ila is a member of various associations including the New York Bar Association, Commercial Bar Association (COMbar), Indian Arbitration Forum (IAF). She is widely published in legal journals. 

Raj Panchmatia is a Partner in the Dispute Resolution practice group in the Firm’s Mumbai office. With rich experience in the field of dispute resolution and commercial litigation, Raj handles matters both in domestic and international fora. He has advised clients on a wide variety of claims under the Indian arbitration laws, SIAC, LCIA, ICC, UNCITRAL and HKIAC, and has extensive experience in dealing with disputes under all forms of contracts and agreements.