Infected Blood Inquiry Hearings

Infected Blood Inquiry Hearings

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The Infected Blood Inquiry continues to hear evidence from a wide range of witnesses including clinicians, politicians, campaigners, infected and affected individuals, into what has been called the worst treatment disaster in NHS history.

This week, the Inquiry is focusing on evidence relating to treatment of pupils at the Lord Mayor Treloar’s College in Hampshire where at least 72 died after being given blood products contaminated with HIV and hepatitis C.

Last month, the Inquiry heard evidence from Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health in England, as well as the Scottish Minister for Public Health and Sport, Northern Irish Minister of Health, and Welsh Minister for Health and Social Services.

Next month, the Inquiry will hear from public officials who were in office at the time of the events including Lord Kenneth Clarke.

There has been extensive media coverage of evidence heard by the Inquiry:

BBC News

Sky News

The Guardian

Sky News


The Inquiry Counsel Team is led by Jenni Richards QC, and includes Katie Scott, Annabel Lee and Adam Boukraa.

The Department of Health and Social Care is represented by Eleanor Grey QC.

NHS Blood and Transplant is represented by Charlie Cory-Wright QC, Gethin Thomas and Daniel Kozelko.

More information is available on the Inquiry’s website.

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