Green Belt policy article – “The answer’s no, what’s the question?”

Green Belt policy article – “The answer’s no, what’s the question?”

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In this short article, Peter Village QC and Jonathan Darby consider the issue of Green Belt policy as the political battle lines are drawn in advance of next year’s general election.  In particular, the recent publication of further Green Belt guidance provides a clear example, as if one were needed, of the present Government’s commitment to safeguard the Green Belt from development largely irrespective of the lack of any genuine benefit, whether environmental or otherwise, to be gained from the indiscriminate application of an indiscriminate policy.  However, and given that many estimates suggest that the UK needs to be building in excess of 300,000 new homes a year for the foreseeable future, can we afford for residential development to be rigidly considered as a matter for the plan making process alone?

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