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Gordon Nardell QC and Ellen Wiles gave pro bono assistance to charity Fair Trials International (FTI) prepare its submission to the Government’s review of the workings of the European arrest warrant in the UK.  FTI have campaigned to highlight injustices in the way warrants are issued by other Member States and executed by the UK.  FTI have invited former Court of Appeal judge Sir Scott Baker, who is conducting the review, to recommend amendments to the Extradition Act 2003, which implements the arrest warrant regime in the UK, as well as to the European Framework Decision which establishes the regime at EU level.  FTI’s submission includes suggested amendments drafted by Gordon and Ellen. John Jones of Doughty Street Chambers also helped with the submission, which can be viewed at http://www.fairtrials.net/campaigns/article/ftis_submission_to_the_extradition_review_panel.

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