Inquiries and Investigations

Our members appear in some of the UK’s most high-profile and important public and private inquiries, including the Grenfell Tower Inquiry, the Infected Blood Inquiry, the Covid-19 Inquiry, Lord Dyson’s BBC Inquiry, the Hillsborough Inquiry and the Bloody Sunday Inquiry. Our barristers have acted as both counsel to inquiries and for participants in inquiries.

Our barristers also have extensive experience of inquests, representing parties in high-profile inquests such as that into the death of Harold Shipman, the Deepcut inquest and the Hillsborough inquest, as well as acting in litigation about the scope of inquests.

Our barristers regularly appear at planning and environmental inquiries, hearings and examinations.

We also act in hybrid and private bill proceedings, including numerous instructions on the Crossrail Bill.

Inquiries and Investigations Expertise

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