Group Litigation

What our barristers do

Our barristers are experienced in substantive group litigation, whether in the Competition Appeal Tribunal or the High Court and bring an unrivalled insight to the question of costs in group litigation. From drafting retainers at the outset to through-litigation advice on the treatment of costs and costs protection to the front-line of costs disputes in group litigation, we can offer a team of barristers ranging from junior juniors to senior KCs and arbitrators, all versed in the particular questions that arise in group litigation.

Who our barristers act for

We act for litigation funders, insurers, legal professionals, corporates and individuals internationally and domestically. We are regularly instructed on the front line but also advise and draft behind the scenes, as and when necessary.

Where our barristers act

We appear in courts, tribunals and arbitrations worldwide where the principles of costs and litigation funding are based on the law of England and Wales. We are most active in the British Isles, the Channel Islands, British Overseas Territories, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. We appear in courts at all levels in each of these regions and jurisdictions. Domestically, instructions include regular appearances in the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, the Competition Appeal Tribunal, the High Court and the Senior Courts Costs Office.

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