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What our barristers do

Alternative dispute resolution requires a different skill-set and a flexible structure for a desired outcome that may be beyond the remedies available through litigation (or even mirror them but in a more cost-effective arena). Whether in a facilitative or evaluative process, our barristers are regularly engaged in disputes ranging from modest sums and issues to multi-million-pound disputes of the utmost legal complexity.

Who our barristers act for

We act for the participants as well as in the role of arbitrator or mediator. We act for litigation funders, insurers, legal professionals, corporates and individuals internationally and domestically. As arbitrators or mediators, we are repeatedly trusted by all participants to achieve a workable solution with impartiality and fairness.

Where our barristers act

Location and jurisdiction are no bar to alternative dispute resolution. Our barristers are ever-ready to travel domestically and internationally if required and also to work remotely as might suit the participants. We are committed to paperless work and have the infrastructure and support in-house to offer a smooth and seamless service.

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