Sport Injury and Negligence

What our barristers do

A sports injury dispute can arise from an intentionally dangerous or reckless challenge or negligent conduct during the treatment of an injury. These disputes can lead to substantial claims for damages, particularly in the case of a career-ending injury of a high-profile sportsperson.

Our barristers act in professional negligence claims, representing the interests of both individuals and the professional indemnity insurers of sporting organisations. Many of our cases are medical malpractice or veterinary negligence claims where injuries have been suffered following substandard treatment.

We have specialist expertise in the abuse of and safeguarding of children in sport. This is an evolving area of law following the rising number of disturbing claims about the mistreatment of children by high-profile sporting organisations.

Who our barristers act for

We advise and act for professional sportspeople, sports associations and governing bodies, insurers, clinical and veterinary practitioners and their defence organisations, animal owners and syndicates, match officials, clubs, event organisers and promoters, and schools.

We act in disputes involving all the major sports, including professional football, rugby, athletics, horse racing, equestrianism, motorsports, golf, boxing, cycling, snooker and numerous other areas.

Where our barristers act

Our barristers act in court proceedings, independent inquiries and disciplinary proceedings, as well as complex cases involving children in the High Court and the Court of Appeal.

Many of our barristers are experienced arbitrators and mediators who are regularly appointed in sports injury liability and quantum disputes.

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