What our barristers do

Adjudication is virtually the sole dispute resolution process in the UK for the construction industry.

We have adjudicators of all levels of seniority and experience.

28 days from the commencement of the adjudication to the decision (no matter how much quantity or complexity is involved) places a premium on highly intensive case management and decision-making. Our adjudicators have the ability to master the quick-fire detail aimed at them in order to produce a just and speedy decision.

Our adjudicators are appointed by party agreement or nominated by the Technology & Construction Bar Association (TECBAR), the Technology and Construction Solicitors’ Association (TECSA) or other respected nominating bodies.

Who our barristers act for

Our barrister adjudicators are neutrals. However, they also advise, draft notices of adjudication, referral notices and responses. We have barristers of all levels of seniority to lead or assist in the process. The size and depth of our bench enables a swift response to instructions alongside a willingness to travel and get stuck into the process.

Where our barristers act

Our barristers principally act in the UK. However, more and more, they do so wherever there is an adjudication worldwide as UK-style adjudication takes off in jurisdictions as diverse as Singapore and Chile.

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