Experts in International Arbitration: #It’s Not Just a Technicality 2019

Experts in International Arbitration: #It’s Not Just a Technicality 2019

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Steven Lim and Swee Im Tan will be speaking at the Expert Summit, on 1st November 2019 in Jakarta.

Undeniably, arbitration has increased tremendously in its complexity in recent years. The once simple trade disputes, between merchants not requiring more than a solid understanding of the underlying law, have been replaced by matters in which all stakeholders are expected to possess specialist knowledge. Unsurprisingly, these trends are proportionate to an extensive increase in the use of expert witnesses in international arbitrations. Not only are experts utilized in a variety of ways and in variety of fields, but they are also now used in the majority of large cases.

Steven will be speaking on session 2, titled ‘Managing Experts from the Tribunal Perspective: Do’s and Don’ts‘.

Swee will be speaking on session 5, titled ‘Show Me the Money!‘, addressing Selected Issues of Assessing the Quantum in International Arbitration.

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