Environmental Case Update (April 2008, Stephen Tromans)

Environmental Case Update (April 2008, Stephen Tromans)


This paper was originally presented at a series of seminars in Chambers.

  • Nuisance and human rights: Marcic revisited
  • Mobile phone masts and human rights
  • Statutory nuisance and noise
  • Nuclear build and consultation
  • Air Passenger Duty and Human Rights
  • Human rights, environmental protest and racial issues
  • Contaminated land
  • Waste definition – a glimmer of sense?
  • Waste in another context – landfill tax
  • Unlawful waste deposits
  • Piggy-back landfills
  • Groundwater in the ECJ
  • Incinerators
  • Transfrontier shipment
  • Transfontier contracts
  • Escaped sewage as “waste”
  • PPC Permits and sewerage undertakers
  • Spilled materials
  • Meaning of “sewer”
  • EC Law and environmental crime
  • EIA
  • Nature conservation issues
  • SEA
  • Commercial cases.

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