A Local Authority v GP (Capacity – Care, Support and Education)

Mental Capacity Law Cases

A Local Authority v GP (Capacity – Care, Support and Education)

In this case, HHJ Dodd helpfully turned the eye of Sauron onto three areas of capacity that have not previously been the subject of judicial consideration.   The court had to… Read more »

CategoryMental capacity - Education, Mental capacity, care Date

Loughlin v Singh & Ors

Summary: This judgment concerned the assessment of damages in a personal injury claim on behalf of a young man who had sustained brain injuries in a traffic accident. An issue… Read more »

CategoryMental capacity - Litigation, Mental capacity - Education Date

LB Haringey v FG & Others (No.1)

Summary: Proceedings were brought by the LB Haringey regarding the welfare of a young woman, HG. As a preliminary issue, Hedley J. had to decide whether HG had the capacity… Read more »

CategoryPractice and procedure - Other, Mental capacity - Contact, Mental capacity - Education Date


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