R (EG) v Parole Board & Ors

Mental Capacity Law Cases

R (EG) v Parole Board & Ors

Summary[1] A prisoner, EG, had learning difficulties which prevented him from instructing a (legal) representative to act for him in the review the Parole Board was conducting of the necessity… Read more »

CategoryJudicial Review Date

Barts NHS Foundation Trust v Begum and Raqeeb, and Raqeeb (by her children’s guardian)

Summary This case concerned an application by the NHS Trust to terminate the appointment of Tafida Raqeeb’s litigation friend days before the final hearing of the judicial review proceedings ([2019]… Read more »

CategoryFamily (public law), Judicial Review Date

R(OK) v FTT and Cambian Fairview

Summary The Upper Tribunal has held with impeccable (some might say remorseless) logic that the principles set down by Lady Hale in R (H) v Secretary of State for Health… Read more »

CategoryOther proceedings, Judicial Review Date


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