Mr & Mrs Z v Kent County Council

Mental Capacity Law Cases

Mr & Mrs Z v Kent County Council

Summary This case concerned a wide range of issues in the context of family proceedings which had gone badly wrong, of which for present purposes the most relevant is the issue… Read more »

CategoryMental capacity - Litigation, Family (public law) Date

Al-Jeffery v Al-Jeffery

Summary In this case, Holman J confirmed for the first time that the High Court can exercise its inherent protective jurisdiction over a vulnerable British adult on the basis of… Read more »

CategoryStatutory wills, Family (public law) Date

Re Daniel X

Summary Daniel X is the youngest (reported) person since Cheshire West to satisfy the nuanced acid test. He was 10 years old with severe autistic disorder and severe learning disability… Read more »

CategoryArticle 5 ECHR - Deprivation of liberty, Article 5 ECHR - Children and young persons, Article 5 ECHR - DOLS authorisations, Family (public law), Safeguarding Date

Local Authority X v HI

Summary This case concerned a 15 year old boy (I) in care proceedings. He revealed certain sensitive information about himself to professionals. His strong wish was that the information should… Read more »

CategoryFamily (public law) Date


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