Coastal Landfill Sites

Problems with former landfill sites in coastal locations continue to be evident.  It has been reported that Northumberland County Council lacks funds to address the historic site at Lynemouth, which is eroding and allowing waste to escape onto the beach below. An attempt to address the problem 20 years ago has not been successful. Waste is being removed by volunteer litter pickers, but materials such as plastics are affecting beaches along the coast and are being consumed by seabirds and trout populations in the River Lyne.  It was reported that the site has been used in the past for illegal waste tipping and cable burning.  Whilst the Environment Agency is advising, it has stated that responsibility rests with the council and with the Northumbria Regional Flood and Coastal Committee to allocate funding.

To see a report on Coastal Landfill Sites, please click here.

Text reference: para. 1-04


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