CIL Briefing Note 1

CIL Briefing Note 1

CategoryNews, Newsletters Author Celina Colquhoun, Christiaan Zwart, Kelly Stricklin-Coutinho, Daniel Stedman Jones, Jonathan Darby Date

The 39 CIL Team are producing a series of occasional CIL Briefing Notes, during the current lockdown period, aimed at all those involved in development. We hope that you’ll find something helpful, insightful, and practical, whatever your level of interest may be in CIL.  This first, Note 1, looks at  the recent Oval case, and subsequent Notes will address other CIL cases and topics of interest in the CIL Regulations. We hope that you enjoy the read, whatever your interest in this somewhat labyrinthine legal area, take away something useful, and we’re otherwise here to help.

Please see here to read the first briefing note.

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