Chambers Launch Civil Liability Arbitration and Adjudication Schemes

Chambers Launch Civil Liability Arbitration and Adjudication Schemes


As one of the world-leading arbitration sets, and in direct response to the listing delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, 39 Essex Chambers are delighted to present an exciting fixed fee ADR package to assist in the resolution of small and medium sized civil claims.

We offer parties the choice of a binding arbitration scheme or an advisory adjudication scheme with experienced barristers from 39 Essex Chambers’ Civil Liability Team.  Parties simply agree to subject their dispute (in whole or part) to one of the schemes, select a barrister from the 39 EC ADR panel and progress their case through the procedure set out in the scheme rules.

Please see here for further details on the ADR package and barrister team.

For any further details or queries please contact our clerking team:

Alastair Davidson, Senior Clerk: /  (0)20 7832 1181

Ben Sundborg, Senior Practice Manager: / (0)20 7832 1179

Tom Gibbons, Senior Practice Manager: / (0)20 7634 9080

Chris Jones, Practice Manager: /  (0)207 634 9044

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