R (ota Detention Action & anr) v Secretary of State for the Home Department (25 March 2020): Divisional Court refuses injunction for release of immigration detainees


R (ota Detention Action & anr) v Secretary of State for the Home Department (25 March 2020): Divisional Court refuses injunction for release of immigration detainees

The Divisional Court (President of the QBD and Swift J.) yesterday rejected an application for an interim mandatory injunction requiring the Home Secretary to take further action to release persons… Read more »

CategoryNews Author Lisa Giovannetti QC Date

Local authority commercial contracts and procurement in a Covid-19 world

The Government has provided vital guidance to local authorities on how to comply with procurement rules during the Covid-19 crisis. This is currently in the form of two Procurement Policy… Read more »

CategoryNews Author Marion Smith QC, Rose Grogan, Philippe Kuhn Date

Coronavirus and Commercial Leases

Almost all commercial leases will be affected by the current coronavirus emergency. As commercial tenants find their businesses struggling, cash flow will become a real problem: rent may not be… Read more »

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Disclaimer of Property and Vesting Orders – presented by David Sawtell

David Sawtell is to give a webinar for SG Legal Conferences & Online Learning on 3rd April 2020. This webinar will outline the circumstances in which disclaimer is an option… Read more »

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A remote substantive hearing: the practical, the inevitable, and the future?

Richard Harwood QC and Steph David made a ‘virtual’ appearance for a local planning authority in a judicial review matter concerning development plan policies and flooding risk today. The hearing… Read more »

CategoryNews Author Richard Harwood OBE QC, Stephanie David Date

NHS: Service change and development in the time of Coronavirus

In recent weeks, all focus on the NHS has rightly shifted to questions around the resources available to prepare for and fight the coronavirus outbreak. However, the work of the… Read more »

CategoryNews Author Rose Grogan, Philippe Kuhn Date

The COVID-19 pandemic, the Coronavirus Bill and the Mental Capacity Act 2005:

The Coronavirus Bill; Non-Statutory Guidance; Court of Protection Guidance; Commentary and Practical Suggestions The MCA 2005 is designed to safeguard the rights and interests of some of the most vulnerable… Read more »

CategoryNews Author Alexander Ruck Keene, Rosie Eleanor Scott Date

Information Rights in the Era of a Pandemic

The coronavirus is affecting all aspects of legal life; the area of information law is not out of its reach.  Data security concerns arise from the rapid introduction of wide… Read more »

CategoryNews Author Jennifer Thelen Date

COVID-19: a new dawn for injury litigation?

As we wake up in a world only previously predicted by science fiction writers, lawyers face significant new challenges to ensure that injured claimants are able to obtain access to… Read more »

CategoryNews Author Sadie Crapper Date

Local Authority support for children and families during Covid 19 pandemic

This Note addresses the changes to the duties of local authorities towards children and families arising from the Coronovirus Bill which is the subject of consideration by Parliament this week…. Read more »

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