You can barely move for e-scooters at present.  Whether they are on your local streets being trialled by various Councils across the land or being ridden (illegally) by the growing… Read more »

CategoryArticles Author Emily Formby QC, Daniel Laking Date

Issues in Unfair Prejudice Petitions 2: Unfairness

In this series of posts, Anna Lintner analyses key aspects of unfair prejudice petitions: What constitutes conduct of the company’s affairs? Unfairness Section 994 Companies Act 2006 (“CA 2006”) permits… Read more »

CategoryArticles Author Anna Lintner Date

John Pugh-Smith co-ordinates launch of MHCLG/PINS Planning Mediation Service

On 19th July the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) launched its joint “Pathfinder” initiative with the MHCLG following the  Chief Planner’s July Newsletter announcement. Its purpose is to help manage its current… Read more »

CategoryArticles, News Author John Pugh-Smith Date

The rise of incrementalism

British politics has another -ism. After Socialism, Liberalism and Thatcherism, we now have incrementalism. Incrementalism was used by the Lord Chancellor to explain why his changes to judicial review are… Read more »

CategoryArticles Author Richard Harwood OBE QC Date

Reflections on Secretary of State for Health v Servier Laboratories Ltd: Keeping economic torts within their proper bounds

On 2 July 2021, a seven-judge panel of the UK Supreme Court handed down its judgment in Secretary of State for Health v Servier Laboratories Ltd[1] (“Servier”). The appeal concerned the tort… Read more »

CategoryArticles Author Philippe Kuhn Date

Issues in Unfair Prejudice Petitions 1: What constitutes conduct of the company’s affairs?

In this series of blog posts, Anna Lintner analyses aspects of unfair prejudice petitions. Section 994(1) of the Companies Act 2006 provides a mechanism for obtaining relief where a shareholder… Read more »

CategoryArticles Author Anna Lintner Date

SAAMCO Realigned: Scope of Duty and Recovery of Damages for Economic Loss

The extent of the responsibility assumed by a professional adviser, and the extent of their liability if they fail to act with reasonable care, have been the subject of many… Read more »

CategoryArticles Author Vivek Kapoor Date

The New York Convention 1958 Through the Looking Glass in 2021

Adapted from a paper given to the Caribbean Branch of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Triennial conference on 28 May 2021.  I’ve always had plenty to say about the New… Read more »

CategoryArticles Author Karen Gough Date

“No Go Lugano”: the EU formally withholds it’s consent to the UK joining the Lugano Convention 2007

The European Commission has formally rejected the UK’s application to accede to the Lugano Convention on jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of civil and commercial matters that was concluded… Read more »

CategoryArticles, News Author Michael McParland QC Date

The Supreme Court moves with the times – reasonable damages for surrogacy arrangements are recoverable: An Analysis of Whittington Hospital NHS Trust (Appellant) v XX (Respondent) [2020] UKSC 14

On 1 April 2020, the Supreme Court handed down a majority judgment, led by Lady Hale, in Whittington Hospital NHS Trust (Appellant) v XX (Respondent)[1] determining the recoverability of damages for surrogacy… Read more »

CategoryArticles Author Samantha Jones Date

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