Re X and Ors Nos 1 and 2 (Deprivation of Liberty)

The determination of a ‘streamlined’ process for the judicial authorisation of deprivations of liberty outside the scope of Schedule A1 to the MCA 2005.

Author Katharine Scott, Alex Ruck Keene KC (Hon), Benjamin Tankel Date

Westminster City Council v Sykes

Court of Protection named ‘P’ and authorised a one-month trial period at home for a former politician suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.The court ruled that Manuela Sykes, an 89-year-old former local politician who suffers from dementia, could leave a nursing home to return to live in her flat, initially for a one-month trial, with a 24 hour care package. 

Author Mungo Wenban-Smith Date

Mutua & Ors v Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Five Kenyan nationals who allege that they were seriously mistreated in detention camps in Kenya, when it was a British colony, during the Mau Mau uprising in the 1950s, brought claims for damages for personal injuries against the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, alleging assault and battery, and negligence. The Court determined the summary judgment application brought by the Foreign Office; the Claimants’ application for an extension of time under s.33 Limitation Act1980 has been heard and judgment is awaited.

Author Jack Holborn Date

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