M and H v P

M and H v P

Summary In this case the court was considering an application that the court should authorise the making of a statutory will on P’s behalf and the issue arose of whether… Read more »

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Re DB; Re EC

Summary [1] This decision concerns the habitual residence of two people placed by Scottish authorities in hospital in England.  For a Scottish perspective on the judgment, see the article by… Read more »

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AG v BMBC & Anor

Summary In this case, District Judge Bellamy has given some rare, and useful, clarification as to the seriousness of the consideration that must be given to the use of covert… Read more »

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Re R

Summary In a judgment from a case heard prior to the decision in Re SRK but delivered afterwards (without referring to it) Senior Judge Lush has also weighed into the… Read more »

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K v LM

Summary In this case P was seriously assaulted by her birth mother when very young. She eventually received a large CICA award. Her care needs were met by the income… Read more »

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Summary: This judgment, delivered some time ago, but only very recently made publicly available, deals with a short but important point as to whether (and upon what basis) the CoP… Read more »

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NT v FS & Ors

Summary: This was an application by NT (‘the Deputy’) for authority to execute a statutory will on behalf of F who was now 74 with Alzheimer’s dementia. A former professional… Read more »

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