Richardson-Ruhan v Ruhan

Richardson-Ruhan v Ruhan

In Richardson-Ruhan v Ruhan [2021] EWFC 6 Mostyn J revisited a case which had been running for some five years ([2017] EWHC 2739) concerning whether the former husband of a… Read more »

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S (Vulnerable Party: Fairness of Proceedings)

Summary The Court of Appeal considered how to handle vulnerable witnesses in the Family Courts and the need to proactively identify vulnerable witnesses. The case concerned care proceedings relating to… Read more »

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Re AH (Serious Medical Treatment)

Summary The Court of Appeal has made some very important observations about the role of judicial visits in Court of Protection cases. In AH, it was asked to overturn the… Read more »

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London Borough of Southwark v P, AA and South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

Summary The saga of Re P (Discharge of a Party) [2021] EWCA Civ 512, reported in previous issues, continued, following the Court of Appeal’s overturning the decision of Hayden J… Read more »

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A Local Authority v M, F, A and B

These family proceedings considered whether two young children should be placed in long-term foster care or for adoption. But we cover it because useful lessons were identified which can be… Read more »

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A Local Authority v TA, XA, GA (by her litigation friend, the Official Solicitor ) and SR (GA’s deputy for property and financial affairs)

Summary In this judgment Cobb J considered two discrete issues in respect of a litigant in person (“TA”) whose challenging behaviour had meant that progress of the proceedings relating to… Read more »

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An NHS Trust v XB & Ors

Summary Theis J has further emphasised the thinness of the legal ice for professionals seeking to administer medication covertly.  The case concerned a man, XB, detained at a high security… Read more »

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An NHS Trust v AF & Anor

Poole J has answered an important question that has – oddly – not been definitely determined previously: when does a decision of the Court of Protection stop being binding?   The… Read more »

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P v Griffith

Summary In a very unusual case, the Court of Protection has sentenced a woman, a Ms Griffith, to 12 months imprisonment for forging a court order so as to obtain… Read more »

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DP v LB Hillingdon

Summary[1] In this case, Hayden J has clarified what the court is to do on an s.21A application where it has doubt as to whether it can, on the evidence… Read more »

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