Summary Sir James Munby P has given important guidance as to when (and when not) to hold a fact-finding hearing. The context of the decision is one that is –… Read more »

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M v Mrs N & Ors

Summary [Editorial Note: the judge, Hayden J, expressly debated with himself whether it was necessary to review the progress of Mrs N’s condition, his instinct being to give priority to… Read more »

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A Local Authority v (1) M by his litigation friend the Official Solicitor (2) E (3) A

Summary This is a mammoth judgment running to 92 pages following a hearing that lasted over 2 weeks.   It has been reported predominantly for what Baker J said (or, rather… Read more »

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LBX v TT & Others

Summary: TT was a 19 year old woman with moderate learning disabilities and global developmental delay. In November 2012, she alleged that her stepfather had sexually assaulted her and forced… Read more »

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Re D (A Child)

Summary: This decision in a fact-finding hearing relating to children merits note here because of the helpful summary of the relevant legal principles, which are – we suggest – directly… Read more »

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HN v FL & Hampshire County Council

Summary: HN was the sister of FL, who suffered from multiple sclerosis and lacked capacity to make decisions about her care, residence and contact with others. There was, as the… Read more »

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Summary: This is a decision of District Judge Marin upon an application by a local authority for declaratory relief regarding an elderly lady’s residence and contact with one of her… Read more »

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