Kings College NHS Foundation Trust v C and V

Kings College NHS Foundation Trust v C and V

Kings College NHS Foundation Trust v C and V [2015] EWCOP 59 (MacDonald J) Mental capacity – assessing capacity – medical treatment Summary [Editorial note: this case has attracted much… Read more »

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Elaine Winspear v City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust

Summary Facts Carl Winspear was twenty-eight years old when he died shortly after 11.00 pm on the 3 January 2011. He had suffered all his life from cerebral palsy, epilepsy,… Read more »

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Dunnage v Randall UK Insurance Ltd

Vince poured petrol over himself. His nephew, the Claimant, struggled unsuccessfully to prevent him igniting it. Both were engulfed in flames. Vince died; the Claimant jumped to safety from a… Read more »

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Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board

Summary of Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board This Supreme Court judgment is required reading for all medical professionals, because the Supreme Court has made clear that the doctrine of informed consent… Read more »

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MX v Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust & Ors

Summary This decision of the Court of Appeal concerned the anonymisation of a child’s name in clinical negligence proceedings.  The first instance judge, approving a settlement agreement, had refused to… Read more »

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