R (Morahan) v Her Majesty’s Assistant Coroner for West London

R (Morahan) v Her Majesty’s Assistant Coroner for West London

Summary Tanya Morahan was aged 34 when she died of cocaine and morphine toxicity. Over the preceding 10 years she experienced mental illness and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. On… Read more »

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King v The Wright Roofing Company Ltd

Summary  In this personal injury case, Kerr J had to decide whether the claimant had capacity to conduct the proceedings, and whether he had capacity to manage his property and… Read more »

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Fox v Wiggins & Ors

Summary In this case, Julian Knowles J had to consider what to do in civil proceedings when a party’s capacity to conduct the proceedings is put in issue by the… Read more »

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R (Maguire) v Her Majesty’s Senior Coroner for Blackpool and Fylde

Summary This was a judicial review brought in respect of the decision of the coroner investigating the death of a 52 year old woman, Jacqueline (Jackie) Morgan that Article 2… Read more »

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Esegbona v King’s College NHS Trust

Summary[1] This case concerned a disastrous failure to follow the principles of the MCA in relation to the discharge from hospital of a seriously ill 68 year old woman.  Mrs… Read more »

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Griffiths v Chief Constable of Suffolk

Summary Ouseley J has examined whether a claim in negligence following a murder committed by an individual whom a mental health trust failed to detain under the MHA could succeed…. Read more »

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Flora Keays by her litigation friend Sara Keays v The executors of the estate of the late Right Honourable Cecil, Baron Parkinson

Summary Flora Keays is the adult child of the late Cecil Parkinson and Sara is her mother. Whilst a child, Sara obtained a maintenance order against Cecil Parkinson in the… Read more »

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Penn v Revill

Summary In this case, Dingemans J was asked to consider whether the provisions of CPR 21.10 are incompatible with the rights protected by article 14 of the European Convention on… Read more »

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AP v Tameside MBC

Summary Those acting for the claimant sought declaratory relief and damages of between £100,000 and £150,000 for breaches of Articles 5 and 8 for a period of 30 months’ unlawful… Read more »

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OH v Craven

Summary This case is obligatory reading for anyone involved in a case where it is envisaged that there will be a personal injury exceeding £1m. It involved one case where… Read more »

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