R (Morahan) v Her Majesty’s Assistant Coroner for West London

R (Morahan) v Her Majesty’s Assistant Coroner for West London

Summary Tanya Morahan was aged 34 when she died of cocaine and morphine toxicity. Over the preceding 10 years she experienced mental illness and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. On… Read more »

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AR v West London NHS Trust and the Secretary of State for Justice

AR had been detained under ss.37/41 MHA 1983 since 1993. The tribunal refused his application for the hearing to be in public. The issues were (a) AR’s capacity; and (b)… Read more »

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A Healthcare, B NHS Trust v CC

Summary This case concerned a 34-year-old man (‘CC’) with psychotic depression, mixed personality disorder who was deaf, had diabetes and was detained under s.3 of the Mental Health Act 1983…. Read more »

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JK v A Local Health Board

Summary In this case, Lieven J had to grapple with the intersection between the MCA, the MHA and the inherent jurisdiction in addressing the question of whether it would be… Read more »

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Birmingham CC v SR; Lancashire CC v JTA

Summary Two local authorities made streamlined Re X applications on COPDOL11 forms to authorise the deprivation of liberty of two individuals who were either about to be (SR), or had… Read more »

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M v ABM University Health Board

Summary With the Legal Aid Agency having taken more than a year to determine the patient’s funding application, this appeal finally reached the Upper Tribunal to consider the disclosure of… Read more »

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Djaba v West London MH Trust and others

Summary Since 2014, Mr Djaba had been accommodated in a “super seclusion suite” at Broadmoor under a restricted hospital order (Mental Health Act 1983 ss37/41). Built entirely for his confinement,… Read more »

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Secretary of State for Justice v MM; Welsh Ministers v PJ

Summary This long-awaited decision considers the fall-out of Cheshire West in relation to conditional discharges (‘MM’) and community treatment orders (‘PJ’) under the Mental Health Act 1983. The appeals proceeded… Read more »

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Betsi Cadwaladr University Local Health Board v Miss W

Summary The potential tragedy in this case is summed up in its final paragraph: I know that W understandably considers that she has in some way failed. I certainly do… Read more »

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A Hospital NHS Trust v (1) CD (2) A Mental Health Trust

Summary The issue in this case was whether it was in the best interests of a 43 year old woman, CD, who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia to have a total… Read more »

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