Re Q

Re Q

Summary Q was a 50 year old woman with longstanding bulimia nervosa, and diagnoses of various mental health disorders including EUPD and recurrent depression, arising from childhood sexual abuse and… Read more »

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Re ZK (No.2)

Summary This case is the sequel to one reported upon earlier here, and contains some important observations in relation to assessment of capacity and the revisiting of best interests decisions.  … Read more »

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Re PW (Jehovah’s Witness: Validity of Advance Decision)

Summary[1] The (surprisingly) small body of case-law relating to advance decisions to refuse treatments has been added to by a judgment delivered by Poole J in difficult and urgent circumstances,… Read more »

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Liverpool City Council v CMW

Summary In this case, Sir Mark Hedley had to consider whether a woman, CMW, who had recently turned 18 had capacity to make certain decisions in seven specific areas: the… Read more »

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A Local Authority v P and A CCG

Summary[1] A 24-year-old with learning disability, autistic traits and mood disorder was sharing a flat with two residents and at significant risks arising from contact with others. Having been sexually… Read more »

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University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust v AI & K

Summary In this case, the Trust sought a declaration from Hayden J that it was lawful and in AI’s best interests to discontinue any further attempts to provide dialysis. AI… Read more »

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A Local Authority v TA & Ors

Summary The contours of this difficult case were sketched out economically in the opening paragraphs of the judgment: This case concerns the health, welfare, and care of GA, an 87-year-old… Read more »

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AMDC v AG and CI (No. 2)

Summary These proceedings involve the development of a relationship between two care home residents. In light of the interim judgment, which we covered at [2020] EWCOP 58, the matter was… Read more »

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A Midlands NHS Trust v RD & Ors

Summary RD concerned a 37-year-old woman suffering from an extremely serious and debilitating condition, anorexia nervosa, since the age of 13. The NHS Trust sought declarations that: RD lacked capacity… Read more »

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An NHS Trust v XB & Ors

Summary Theis J has further emphasised the thinness of the legal ice for professionals seeking to administer medication covertly.  The case concerned a man, XB, detained at a high security… Read more »

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