Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust v Verden and McClennan

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust v Verden and McClennan

Summary This was the ex tempore judgement arising from an application made by Ms McLennan to vary the Reporting Restriction Order made in this case not to name the subject… Read more »

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Kent County Council v P & NHS Kent & Medway Commissioning Group

Summary The issue for determination by the Court was whether the Court of Protection proceedings which had since they first come before the Court been heard in private, should now… Read more »

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PH and RH v Brighton and Hove City Council & Oths

Summary On 23 November 2021, Senior Judge Hilder gave judgment on an application made by the BBC and Sky to disapply the reporting restrictions in proceedings relating to Tony Hickmott… Read more »

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Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust v Namiq (RRO)

This is the judgment made in relation to the application for a reporting restriction order (RRO) in the Midrar Nadiq case, noted in the Wider Context report. Lieven J had… Read more »

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M v Press Association

Summary This decision of Hayden J follows his judgment in M v Mrs N [2015] EWCOP 76.  To recap, Mrs N was profoundly impaired both physically and cognitively in consequence… Read more »

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University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust v Miss G

Summary Miss G was in a permanently vegetative state as a result of a heart attack that caused irreversible hypoxic brain injury. She was being kept alive by means of… Read more »

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V v Associated Newspapers & Ors

Summary In the sequel to the decision in C’s case, Charles J has considered afresh the Court of Protection’s approach to reporting restrictions orders, not least in light of the… Read more »

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Newcastle City Council v PV and Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

Summary of Newcastle City Council v PV and Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority In this case, Senior Judge Lush had to decide various issues arising out of a large (just over £2.8… Read more »

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A Healthcare Trust v P

Summary of A Healthcare Trust v P This judgment addresses the question of what information can be provided to the press in a public medical treatment case in which an application… Read more »

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Re DP; The Public Guardian v JM

Summary: In this appeal from one aspect of the decision of Senior Judge Lush in Re DP [2014] EWCOP B4 (the first decision reported under the new Practice Guidance on… Read more »

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