Hinduja v Hinduja & Ors

Hinduja v Hinduja & Ors

Summary In a judgment relating to the business affairs of the Hinduja family, the Chancery Division has undertaken an important analysis of when, precisely, medical evidence is required to support… Read more »

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A Local Authority v B’s father et al

Summary On the heals of the Supreme Court’s deprivation of liberty ruling in Re D (A Child) [2019] UKSC 42, this is an important decision in childcare law. It concerned… Read more »

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R (on the application of JS, SJ, SS and NL) v Secretary of State for the Home Department

Summary The applicants in this case were all minors who had issued applications for judicial review in the Upper Tribunal. The absence of any provisions in the Tribunal Procedure (Upper… Read more »

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Flora Keays by her litigation friend Sara Keays v The executors of the estate of the late Right Honourable Cecil, Baron Parkinson

Summary Flora Keays is the adult child of the late Cecil Parkinson and Sara is her mother. Whilst a child, Sara obtained a maintenance order against Cecil Parkinson in the… Read more »

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Re D (Appointment of Litigation Friend)

A considerable time after the substantive decision was published, an important procedural judgment in the case of D has now been published ([2016] EWCOP 67), in which the mother of… Read more »

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NHS Trusts v C

Summary C was detained under s.2 of the Mental Health Act 1983 with bipolar affective disorder. She was in the late stages of pregnancy and suffering from a severe manic… Read more »

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HSE Ireland v PD

Summary Baker J has had cause to consider Re X and Rule 3A on the very first day of the latter’s life.  In HSE Ireland v PD [2015] EWCOP 48,… Read more »

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TA v AA & Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Summary: The father and Relevant Person’s Representative (‘RPR’) of a forty-year-old man (‘AA’) challenged his son’s deprivation of liberty at a residential care home. The first MCA 2005 s 21A… Read more »

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AVS v NHS Foundation Trust

Summary: This case very recently decided by the President is interesting as an example of the court’s approach to limiting expert and lay evidence, and to the removal of a… Read more »

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G v E (Deputyship & Litigation Friend)

Summary: There have been two recent judgments concerning the appointment of welfare deputies which expressed different views as to their appropriateness (Re P [2010] EWHC 1592 (Fam) and Havering LBC… Read more »

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