NHS Trusts v C

NHS Trusts v C

Summary C was detained under s.2 of the Mental Health Act 1983 with bipolar affective disorder. She was in the late stages of pregnancy and suffering from a severe manic… Read more »

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TA v AA & Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Summary: The father and Relevant Person’s Representative (‘RPR’) of a forty-year-old man (‘AA’) challenged his son’s deprivation of liberty at a residential care home. The first MCA 2005 s 21A… Read more »

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G v E (Deputyship & Litigation Friend)

Summary: There have been two recent judgments concerning the appointment of welfare deputies which expressed different views as to their appropriateness (Re P [2010] EWHC 1592 (Fam) and Havering LBC… Read more »

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B v B

Summary: Mrs B divorced her husband. There then followed ancillary relief proceedings, in relation to their assets and liabilities, and contact proceedings with regard to their six children. Mr B… Read more »

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