In this case, Lieven J was concerned with the capacity and best interests of a 29 year old woman, CVF, with diagnoses of diabetes, learning disability, emotionally unstable personality disorder,… Read more »

Category Date


This case concerns an application to be appointed personal welfare made by VT’s former professional care worker, TQ. It provides a salutary warning against poorly considered decision-making based on blanket… Read more »

Category Date

Re Lawson, Mottram and Hopton (appointment of personal welfare deputies)

Summary[1] The Vice-President of the Court of Protection, Hayden J, has outlined a set of principles to govern the appointment of personal welfare deputies. In Re Lawson, Mottram and Hopton… Read more »

Category Date

Staffordshire CC v SRK & ors

Summary SRK acquired a brain injury following a road traffic accident, necessitating 24-hour care. The compensation funded the purchase of an adapted bungalow and his care regime. The effects of… Read more »

Category Date

AY v (1) Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust & Ors

Summary This case concerned the best interests of X in relation to his diet/treatment and a welfare deputyship. The application was brought by his mother, AY. X was a young… Read more »

Category Date


Summary: This ‘classic’ best interests decision on residence, which has recently been publically available, merits note because of the views expressed by District Judge Ralton as to the circumstances under… Read more »

Category Date


Summary: This matter came before the Court by way of two applications, a section 21A challenge brought by P, and a separate application by P’s daughter to be appointed P’s… Read more »

Category Date

SBC v PBA & Others

Summary: Finally, a reason – if you needed one – to purchase the COPLR Consolidated Volume is that that is the only place in which you can find the relevant… Read more »

Category Date

G v E (Deputyship & Litigation Friend)

Summary: There have been two recent judgments concerning the appointment of welfare deputies which expressed different views as to their appropriateness (Re P [2010] EWHC 1592 (Fam) and Havering LBC… Read more »

Category Date


Summary: In this judgment, delivered on 29.6.10, HHJ Cardinal heard an appeal by a solicitor (EG) against an order made that she pay the costs of her failed application for… Read more »

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