In this case the court considered an application by a trust corporation which was a registered charity (Allied Services Trust), a company limited by guarantee, to be appointed the deputy… Read more »

Category Date

Bashir v Bashir

Summary It is rare, but unfortunate, when a judge misdirects themselves as to the law, but in Bashir v Bashir, Master Clark did so in the context of a complicated… Read more »

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Summary In 2007, when P was 54, he suffered a cardiac arrest and fell into PVS. He had an estate of over £17 million and no dependents, and was cared… Read more »

Category Date

NKR & Usha Sood v The Thomson Snell and Passmore Trust Corporation Limited

Summary In this case P was a child with cerebral palsy with the consequence that he it was unlikely he would have capacity to manage his property and affairs when… Read more »

Category Date


Summary[1] In this personal injury case, Foskett J had to grapple with a question that has apparently never been considered (or, more likely, never been the subject of a reported… Read more »

Category Date

London Borough of Enfield v Matrix Deputies Limited, DW, OM and the Public Guardian

Summary Senior Judge Hilder in this case decided various further issues arising from the discharge of a large number of deputyships held by Matrix Deputies Limited and its former employees… Read more »

Category Date


Senior Judge Hilder in this case reviewed the appointment of office holder deputies in the case of a company set up by a local authority to take over parts of… Read more »

Category Date

Re Various Incapacitated Persons and the Appointment of Trust Corporations as Deputies

Summary In this case Senior Judge Hilder considered and gave guidance in relation to applications on behalf of trust corporations to become property and affairs deputies. The trust corporations in… Read more »

Category Date

Tinsley v Manchester City Council & Ors

Summary We reported on this case at first instance, the facts being found here. The Court of Appeal defined the question before them as “whether a person who has been… Read more »

Category Date

Director of Legal Aid Casework et al v Briggs

Summary The Court of Appeal has overturned the decision of Charles J that he could, within the scope of MCA s.21A proceedings (and hence non-means-tested legal aid), consider whether life-sustaining treatment should… Read more »

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