Kurtz v R

Kurtz v R

Summary A solicitor specialising in mental capacity was charged with the offence of wilfully neglecting her mother in respect of whom she was the donee of an enduring power of… Read more »

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R v Patel

Summary: This appeal against conviction for under s.44 MCA 2005 for wilful neglect provides a useful clarification of two aspects of this notoriously difficult offence. The appellant was a nurse… Read more »

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Ligaya Nursing v R

Summary: With thanks to Jonny Landau of Ridouts for bringing this decision to our attention, the Court of Appeal has very recently handed down a further significant case upon the… Read more »

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R v Heaney

Summary: Dawn Heaney was a senior carer in a Leicestershire care home who was convicted of ill treating two residents, contrary to section 44 of the Mental Capacity Act 2005…. Read more »

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R v Hopkins; R v Priest

Summary: This case provides further clarification as to the constituent elements of the offence of wilful neglect of a person lacking capacity created by s.44 MCA 2005; as such, it… Read more »

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R v Dunn

Summary: This case, which we should perhaps have noted previously, was decided by the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) last year, and sheds some useful light on the provisions of… Read more »

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