Re ND (Court of Protection: Costs and Declarations)

Re ND (Court of Protection: Costs and Declarations)

Summary In this case, the Court of Protection has alighted upon procedural failings by a local authority to ground the making of declarations as to failures of that authority to… Read more »

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Re SF (Injunctive Relief)

Summary   In Re SF (Injunctions) [2020] EWCOP 19, Keehan J was concerned with a young woman, SF, who had a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and also had learning… Read more »

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A Healthcare, B NHS Trust v CC

Summary This case concerned a 34-year-old man (‘CC’) with psychotic depression, mixed personality disorder who was deaf, had diabetes and was detained under s.3 of the Mental Health Act 1983…. Read more »

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Re Various applications concerning foreign representative powers

Summary In this case, Senior Judge Hilder has returned to the somewhat complex issues that arise where an attorney seeks to use a power of representation granted in a foreign… Read more »

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Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council v PR (No 2)

Summary This is the costs judgment arising from the substantive judgment in Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council v PR & Ors [2019] EWHC 2305, concerned with a 32 year old… Read more »

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AB (Court of Protection: Police Disclosure)

In a decision handed down in October 2019, but which for some reason did not appear on Bailii until December 2020, Keehan J considered an application for disclosure of psychological… Read more »

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Summary In this case P suffered serious brain injuries whilst at work. These left him with severe cognitive and executive impairments. Apart from lacking litigation capacity, the evidence was clear… Read more »

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DL v LB Enfield

Summary In this case, a local authority respondent sought to challenge the jurisdiction of the Court of Protection in relation to s.21A applications, “to challenge what might colloquially be called… Read more »

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London Borough of Croydon v CD

Summary The local authority brought a case before the court seeking orders to enable them to provide care to CD for his own protection. CD was not present at the… Read more »

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BP v LB Harrow

Summary[1] This was a s.21A MCA 2005 application made on behalf of “P” who objected to being in a care home. He wanted to return to the family home, where… Read more »

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