Secretary of State for Justice v A Local Authority & Ors

Secretary of State for Justice v A Local Authority & Ors

The Court of Appeal has overturned the decision of Hayden J that care workers would not commit a criminal offence under s.39 Sexual Offences Act 2003 were they to make… Read more »

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SM v The Court of Protection and The London Borough of Enfield

Summary This was a judicial review of a decision of the Court of Protection. The application was brought by SM, mother of RM, against a decision on 12 March 2021… Read more »

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Re P (Discharge of Party: Costs of Appeal)

Summary In Re P (Discharge of Party: Costs of Appeal) [2021] EWCA Civ 992, the Court of Appeal was asked to consider an application for costs following the appellant’s successful… Read more »

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London Borough of Southwark v P, AA and South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

Summary The saga of Re P (Discharge of a Party) [2021] EWCA Civ 512, reported in previous issues, continued, following the Court of Appeal’s overturning the decision of Hayden J… Read more »

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KK v Leeds City Council

In this case, Cobb J had to consider whether P’s maternal aunt should be joined to welfare proceedings.  The aunt, KK, had been P’s main carer for almost all of… Read more »

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Griffith v P (By Her Litigation Friend the Official Solicitor)

The Court of Appeal has had little hesitation dismissing ([2020] EWCA Civ 1675) the appeal by Dahlia Griffith against her conviction and sentence of imprisonment for contempt, on which we reported… Read more »

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In this case, the court had to decide what costs a litigant in person is entitled to in the Court of Protection. The first point that was argued was made… Read more »

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Re JB (Costs)

In this case, the Court of Protection had been asked to take aggressive steps in terms of service provision.   In Re JB, the local authority applicant in question had gone… Read more »

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PLK & Ors (Court of Protection: Costs)

Summary In an important decision, the Senior Court Costs Office has looked at the method of assessment of the hourly rates claimed by Deputies and, in particular, at whether those… Read more »

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Penntrust Ltd v West Berkshire District Council & Anor

Summary Senior Judge Hilder has returned to the vexed question of Practice Direction 19B and fixed costs in the Court of Protection.  In its current iteration, PD19B provides that “where the… Read more »

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