Re Various applications concerning foreign representative powers

Re Various applications concerning foreign representative powers

Summary In this case, Senior Judge Hilder has returned to the somewhat complex issues that arise where an attorney seeks to use a power of representation granted in a foreign… Read more »

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DL v LB Enfield

Summary In this case, a local authority respondent sought to challenge the jurisdiction of the Court of Protection in relation to s.21A applications, “to challenge what might colloquially be called… Read more »

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A Local Authority v H

Summary This is the latest judgment concerning the life of H, for whom protective orders were previously made when she was 29 years old: A LA v H [2012] EWHC… Read more »

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Kirk v Devon County Council

Summary This is the sequel to the decision on contempt that we reported in the December 2016 Newsletter. The Court of Appeal, you will recall, allowed Mrs Kirk’s appeal against… Read more »

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An English Local Authority v (1) SW, by her litigation friend, the Official Solicitor (2) A Scottish Local Authority (3) RP and LC

Summary The issue in this case, decided some time ago, but only recently made available on Bailii, was where an incapacitated adult (SW) was habitually resident for the purposes of… Read more »

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Re LC (Children)

Summary: We have for some time commented upon a stream of jurisprudence from the higher courts as to the proper approach to the determination of the habitual residence of children… Read more »

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Re E (A Child)

Summary: We make note of this case arising under Council Regulation 2201/2003 (‘Brussels IIR’) because of the suggestions made by the President at the end of his judgment about practice… Read more »

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JO v GO & Ors

Summary: PO, who was some 88 years of age, was the mother of four children: the applicant JO, her brothers GO and RO and her sister MP. She lacked capacity… Read more »

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Re A (Children)

Summary: We make short note of this case, relating to whether the High Court of England and Wales has jurisdiction to order the ‘return’ to this country of a small… Read more »

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Re MN (Recognition & Enforcement of Foreign Protective Measures)

Summary: This case is the first in which the complex provisions of Schedule 3 to the MCA 2005 have been considered. These provisions relate, inter alia, to the recognition and… Read more »

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