D (A Child) (Deprivation of Liberty)

D (A Child) (Deprivation of Liberty)

Summary of D (A Child) (Deprivation of Liberty) This case concerns the question of the application of the ‘acid test’ to those under 16.   D, the child at the centre of… Read more »

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Summary: This decision of Parker J was handed down in March, but only appeared on Bailii in the second week of July 2014. It contains an important analysis of the… Read more »

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LB Redbridge v G, C & F

Summary: This case (the subject of a rather alarmist article whilst ongoing, which we will deliberately not link to as we have now have the full facts) relates to the… Read more »

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A Local Authority v SY

Summary: SY was a 19 year old woman with mild to moderate learning disability who was extremely vulnerable. A young man from Pakistan, TK, entered the country on a student… Read more »

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A NHS Trust v. Dr A

Summary: An Iranian doctor, Dr A, went on hunger strike to recover his passport which had been confiscated by the UK Borders Agency following his failed claims for asylum. A… Read more »

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XCC v AA & Others

Summary: DD, a British citizen, had severe learning disabilities, little language, very little comprehension of anything other than simple matters, and required assistance with almost every aspect of daily living…. Read more »

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DL v A Local Authority & Others

Summary: The Court of Appeal had to decide whether a ‘jurisdictional hinterland’ existed outside the borders of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (‘MCA’) to deal with ‘vulnerable adults’. The assumed… Read more »

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In the matter of RB (Adult) (No 4)

Summary: In this case Munby LJ set out guidance in relation to the publication of judgments in cases heard under the inherent jurisdiction in the Family Division of the High… Read more »

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A Local Authority v DL

Summary: This is the second decision in the case of DL, which readers may recall concerned an ex parte application by a local authority under the inherent jurisdiction seeking orders… Read more »

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PM v KH & HM

Summary: This case represents a further iteration in a sequence of judgments that rivals, if not exceeds, those in G v E for the breadth of issues covered. We have… Read more »

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