London Borough of Islington v AA & Ors

London Borough of Islington v AA & Ors

Summary This judgment of Senior Judge Hilder does not lay down any new principles of law but is an interesting example of the decision on the facts balancing toleration of… Read more »

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P v G

Summary This was a case that was decided in May 2017, but only appeared on Bailli in February 2018.  P was an elderly lady who had cognitive impairments after suffering… Read more »

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Mrs P v Rochdale Borough Council & Others

Summary Mrs P’s deprivation of liberty was authorised in a nursing home. By the time of the final hearing in the MCA section 21A proceedings, place of residence was not… Read more »

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An NHS Trust v CS (Termination of Pregnancy)

Summary A Hospital Trust made an application to the Court of Protection in respect of CS who was said to lack capacity, seeking an order that it would be in… Read more »

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Wye Valley NHS Trust v Mr B

Summary Peter Jackson J has made clear just how far along we have come on the journey to recognising the dangers of treating capacity as a cliff-edge off which one… Read more »

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Re G (TJ)

Summary: In this case, Morgan J had cause to consider whether a Deputy could be required to make payments from the funds administered on behalf of a Mrs G to… Read more »

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PCT v P, AH, & A Local Authority

Summary: Although this case was, in fact, decided some time ago (21.12.09), the judgment of Hedley J has only recently been made public. In this case (which was, in fact,… Read more »

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