Re ZK (No.2)

Re ZK (No.2)

Summary This case is the sequel to one reported upon earlier here, and contains some important observations in relation to assessment of capacity and the revisiting of best interests decisions.  … Read more »

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Hull City Council v A & Ors

Summary In this case, Poole J was concerned with – in effect – what was less bad: allowing a woman with dementia to remain at home in the care of… Read more »

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Summary How does coercive control impact upon decision-making? And what can – and should – the courts do when the victim of coercive control cannot countenance an existence where the… Read more »

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A Local Authority v TA & Ors

Summary The contours of this difficult case were sketched out economically in the opening paragraphs of the judgment: This case concerns the health, welfare, and care of GA, an 87-year-old… Read more »

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ZK (Landau-Kleffner Syndrome: Best Interests)

Summary In this case, the court considered the residence and contact arrangements for a 37 year old man, and the place within those decisions for his wishes and feelings. ZK… Read more »

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NG v Hertfordshire County Council & Ors

The (surprisingly) small body of reported cases relating to COVID-19 (representing the tip of a rather larger iceberg) has been added to in this important decision by Lieven J, concerning… Read more »

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In this case Hayden J was concerned with a 60-year-old woman, LW.   She had been admitted to a specialist unit, initially detained under the MHA 1983, in a “truly parlous… Read more »

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The Public Guardian v DJN

In this case P executed an LPA and subsequently became incapacitous. The OPG became concerned about the actions of the attorney and also about whether P had capacity to execute… Read more »

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Lincolnshire County Council v Mr AB

Summary[1] Mr AB was a 51-year-old man with a diagnosis of moderate learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorder, harmful use of alcohol and psychosis due to solvent abuse. Mr AB had,… Read more »

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Manchester City Council v LC & Anor

Summary[1] This case, concerning the sexual relationships of LC, a young woman with autism and a learning disability, received considerable public attention shortly before this judgment was handed down, a… Read more »

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