Cornwall Council v NP and BKP

Cornwall Council v NP and BKP

Summary These reconstituted s.21A MCA proceedings concerned a 69-year-old man who, married for 35 years, collapsed in the marital home and was hospitalised with diagnoses of neurological sequelae of herpesviral… Read more »

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Birmingham City Council v D and W

Summary[1] This is the sequel to Trust A v X and A Local Authority [2015] EWHC 922 (Fam), summarised here. In the first instalment, a 15-year-old boy – who had… Read more »

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KC v Poland

Summary KC was 72, widowed, and under the apparent care of a social guardian, having previously been declared to be partially incapacitated. Following an application by social services to place… Read more »

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R (Cornwall Council) v SoS for Health & Ors

Summary: This very important decision of the Court of Appeal overturns the decision of Beatson J that we reported upon in December 2012 and will require the Department of Health… Read more »

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DD v Lithuania

Summary: DD had suffered from mental disorder since the age of 16 when she discovered she was adopted. More than 20 hospital admissions had resulted in various diagnoses, the most… Read more »

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K v LBX & Others

Summary: The Court of Appeal was asked to determine whether ECHR Art 8 respect for family life requires the court in determining issues under the inherent jurisdiction or the Mental… Read more »

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FP v HM & A Health Board

Summary: GM was a 79 year-old man with mixed vascular dementia provoked by alcohol damage who lived with his partner, FP, and her son. Having been detained for assessment under… Read more »

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