Birmingham CC v SR; Lancashire CC v JTA

Birmingham CC v SR; Lancashire CC v JTA

Summary Two local authorities made streamlined Re X applications on COPDOL11 forms to authorise the deprivation of liberty of two individuals who were either about to be (SR), or had… Read more »

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Summary KD was an 80-year-old lady with a long history of schizophrenia, slowly progressive dementia and a Parkinsonian syndrome. Previously detained under s.3 MHA 1983, she was now deprived of… Read more »

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KD v A Borough Council and others

Summary KD had Korsakov’s Syndrome and, following his detention under the Mental Health Act 1983, had been subject to guardianship since 2012. He was required to reside in a care… Read more »

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A Local Health Board v AB

Summary If there ever had been reason to doubt that Schedule 1A to the MCA 2005 is irredeemably flawed, this case is it. The facts of the case are tragic,… Read more »

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NM v Kent County Council

This judgment considers the relationship between DoLS and guardianship. Mr M was in his early forties and was described as having mild learning disability and paedophilic sexual interests. He had previously set fires alight, been verbally and physically aggressive, hoarded materials relating to children, and sought to contact them by dropping notes in the street inviting them to contact him.

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Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust & Others v ML & Others

Summary: ML was 25 years of age with severe learning disability, developmental disorder, autism, epilepsy and diabetes. Save for one hospital admission, he had lived and been cared for in… Read more »

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A PCT v LDV, CC & B Healthcare Group

Summary: L was a former Winterbourne View patient. She was 33 years old and suffered from a mild learning disability and emotionally unstable personality disorder. On 25 May 2012, a… Read more »

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A Local Authority v E & Others

Summary: E was a 32-year-old intelligent and articulate woman who had studied to be a doctor. Suffering from severe anorexia nervosa, emotionally unstable borderline personality disorder, alcohol and prescribed opiate… Read more »

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Re M

Summary: As presaged in last month’s edition, Mostyn J determined just before Christmas an unprecedented application under Schedule 3 MCA 2005 for recognition and enforcement of an Order of the… Read more »

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BB v AM & Others

Summary: In this case, Baker J was concerned with a thirty-one year old Bangladeshi woman known as BB. She was said to have very complex needs, being profoundly deaf and… Read more »

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